Thursday, November 24, 2011

Gratitude Is Not a Synonym

I always get annoyed when mass media tells me what to do and what to feel. It's Thanksgiving, so our inner chips have programmed us to mouth platitudes of thankfulness to all who need to hear it. Well, maybe some of us are in the 1 percent. Maybe we are just loathsome pieces of indignant trash, but I don't see a lot of gratitude around here. It is more like relief.

Can you tell the difference? Try this: I am grateful that I have a job. (Many do not.)Why are you grateful? Here are some possible reasons:
1. I have insurance benefits. Oh, but wait? Aren't companies cutting benefits as they are just too costly? Aren't you paying more out of your check for higher copays and larger deductibles? What if you have two part time jobs? Sure, you have a job, but don't slip in the bathroom--no workman's comp for you. If you are disabled, you have to start hustling for that disability check, a guaranteed refusal the first time around. Meanwhile, everyone tells you that you are a deadbeat, sucking off the system. So you look for any job, anything that pays cash money. This leads to reason two:

2. I have security.  Really? Well, I'm damned. So job equals security. So does real estate, land and a spouse. With the housing market in the toilet and independent farmers crushed into dust, land takes on a different meaning. If I had land, I'd begin preparing for the collapse. My spouse would be in charge of getting shovels, building the fallout shelter, chopping wood, and maintaining the weapon supply. I would work on the Cookbook for the Apocalypse, starring spamloaf, featuring garbanzo casserole with a side of saltines. Now that is security.

3. I have a purpose. C'mon, no job can give you a purpose. You mean it takes time off of your hands. You have something to do. Now you don't have time to think about how it all is just one big scam, a way to lull you into a torpid stupor of flaccid brain waves that paint a straight line on the EKG. You have to search within for that sense of purpose.

So my point is this: don't get confused around this time of year. Wake up to the subliminal messages within the happy speak. Feel what you really feel, and do something about it. Gratitude gives us peace. Relief only means they haven't found us yet. We've all been brainwashed enough by the absurdity called the American Dream. We've been taught to care about this and dismiss that. Our relationships become commodities, not community. This holiday season is going to suck for a lot of people. Let's not make it worse by making them feel bad because they aren't like those Prozac addled families in all the ads. You have a right to your feelings. Be grateful that you can still feel them.


  1. I am thankful that I have totally opted out of the last fiscal quarter of the year. Not spending money is the way to fight the war.

    If the mayor of Detroit get's his way and guts my pension and my wife's and my medical benefits even though I broke my back earning and paying for them then fuck it...I will die because I will not be able to afford the insulin that prevents me from a slow death.

    I will be thankful for that slow death because by the time I am ready to go I will be sitting on the steps of the US congress and they can sweep the cadaver up with the rest of the human trash they have made.

    But until then I will continue to educate and inform unless of course Homeland Security comes and takes me without a warrant to a detention facility for an inderterminate amount of time for seditious writing.

  2. WM: Have you been in touch with Ande? (k9, chickory) You two are my heroes.

  3. Not since I lost my blogroll and had to start rebuilding it about 6 months ago.

  4. Walking Man confirms 95% of happiness is having health and being alive.

    I am grateful for my health and that of others around me.

  5. People often get gratitude confused with luck. How about, "I'm lucky to have a job." Or, "I'm lucky be secure at the moment." I think luck gets short-changed in the overall scheme of things.

  6. Good point, Mr. C. I wasn't considering luck. There is a difference between saying "I am lucky to be alive" versus "I am grateful to be alive." It is slight, but I am aware of it as I am a real space cadet. I've walked in front of oncoming traffic more times than I care to remember, often without realizing it. I don't want to jinx myself, but there have been so many close calls, but it's no death wish. I live so much inside my head that it takes an earthquake to bring me back.

    Piktor: I'm grateful for you. Really. You are a good friend.

  7. The Chinese are aware of, and appreciative of, luck. I suppose Karma has a lot to do with luck, I don't know. But I believe there is a lot to the expression it's better to be lucky than good.

  8. If the shoe fits -- Leon Russel
    All 6 of Bachs Brandenburg concerto's
    Mozart's Eine Kliene Nacht Music the entire symphony
    Baba O' Reilly -- The Who
    Turn The Page -- Bob Seegar
    Your feet's too Big -- Fats Waller
    While my Guitar (any version) Harrison
    Just about any Duhn --By Ravi Shankar
    Over The Hills and Far Away -- Led Zeppelin
    Stand Up!-- Bob Marley

    and that is my 10 right off the top of my head Susan.

  9. Susan, we're bros.

    Luck has to do with chance and you cannot direct it. It happens, or not.

    Gratitude is self-taught and the result of experience and awareness. It is always directed. One chooses gratitude.

    I know people that are loathed and the sentiment has been well earned. Gratitude appears when the loathing or the loathed are gone. Loathing is also directed, not so much chosen and as inevitable as bad luck.

    ************************ The End. **********************


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