Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Easter Joke

I saw this comment on Facebook:

Did you guys know that if Jesus walks out of his tomb and sees his shadow, he goes back inside and we have six more weeks of lent??

That one was too good to ignore. Someone should write a book called 100 Funniest Status Posts on FB. I'm hoping that one of mine would make the cut.



  1. And maybe one of mine too?

  2. this will definitely be the way..nice to see you back...i thought you deleted this blog...

  3. You're back!

    For days on end your site appeared as "not found".

  4. I did delete for a while. I got upset about something--not to do with this--personal stuff. Sorry about that--I got over it. New post soon. I'm in the midst of semester's end.


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