Sunday, March 13, 2011

What Did I Learn In Yogaville?

Let's just get right to it:

1. Silence is just wonderful.

2. A lot of my problems would go away if I no longer lived in a city.

3. I can live just fine without a computer, a phone, a newspaper and a television.

4. I need to move away from my current yoga practice. It doesn't serve me anymore. I hope I get to train as an Integral Yoga  instructor. In the meantime, I will shift my practice away from vinyasa and more into static poses.

5. I am not alone.

6. Even when I am sure I don't belong, there is a place for me in this world.

7. God is about direct experience. I read too much.

8. I cannot think my way into peace and joy.

9. Even at our most self-destructive, we are all striving toward happiness. Think about it.

10. We would all be better off with more meditation and less of everything else.

11. Without a relationship to nature, life is false.

12. There are no coincidences. But I knew that already.


  1. I guess I'd make a lousy yoga instructor.

  2. 11. Without a relationship to nature, life is false.

    Did you mean 'nurture'? And if it's nature, then what does that mean exactly? How does one have a 'relationship to nature'?

  3. I can dig here, no problem. You know me. My mind requires explication.

  4. welcome home octavia rose

    a flow of stillness in repose
    ( cantatas sung in counterpoint)
    gives purchase on a slipping road
    ( in measured breath as held adroit)

    ( to integrate that which is yoked)
    offsetting weighty carried loads
    ( in joyous state fully evoked)
    as lightening more fully grows


  5. Jon: I mean nature. Since we are natural beings, it only makes sense to commune with likewise. In cities, too many are divorced from nature--many don't know how to grow food or recognize poison ivy.
    It's great to see you--glad you found me. How are things? I will link you.
    X-Dell: Don't sell yourself short. Hari Om!

    A Ball of Light: I wouldn't mind heading back there permanently, but like Aloysha in The Brothers Karamazov, I was called to live in the world, not a monostary.

  6. I guess it would be less ambiguously worded as "relationship with nature". And I agree with that and most of what you said.

  7. SJ: Anything you don't agree with?

  8. I always thought yoga involved meditation -- presence and no-mind; but now there are words too?

  9. Mostly agree, except "I read too much", which sounds a general sense, I would say it is impossible to read too much. It is certainly possible to read too much of certain things such as tabloids and skin mags, or to read too much into a blog comment, for example...of course, I'll read toothpaste tubes if there's nothing else, so perhaps I shouldn't set the standard for reading volume.

  10. As long as you are complete within your own being you can be complete with whatever world surrounds you, even within the methodically violent environment you can be peace.

  11. Mark: Spoken like a true yogi. I think that is how Dr. King and Gandhi, Jesus too, were able to function as they could see between the real and the unreal.

    Goatman: Hey, buddy! No, they aren't words, but processes--practices. That is what they are intended to be. I suppose it depends on the individual relationship to language.

    Allan: You are correct. Maybe I should say "I think too much based on all the reading I cram into my head". Sometimes we read in order to escape direct experience. We feed our mind, not our true self.

    New post soon. Life got busy. Thanks, all of you, for being here.

  12. Hello Susan, I've been poking around the internet looking for other people's experiences at Yogaville. Wonderful to read your list here. I've just been accepted in the Living Yoga Training (LYT) program for October. I'm also on a year hiatus from work/life. Good find you.


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