Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Going to a Go Go--Yogaville!

                                           The MGM lion at Yogaville--mid 80s. Is that cool or what??

Next week I'll be on break. I can't remember the last time I did anything like this. I'm going to Yogaville in Virginia. It's a yoga ashram--3 daily meditations, 2 yoga classes, 3 vegetarian meals. I'm going for a mental detox. My cell phone will serve as my technology. I want to read books, do yoga, write, meditate, contemplate and see some beautiful Virginia land. I'm going on Sunday. I will let you know how it goes. Much love to all, Susan.
                                 Yogaville is right off the historic James River.


  1. I so want to learn yoga. I went to a class and I didn't know what I was doing. If you have any suggestions for beginners- I welcome them. I am wildly jealous (but in a good way) of your trip this weekend. Have a beautiful and wonderful trip. The weather should be nice, at least it is here in NC :)

  2. I'm leaving Sunday and returning on Friday. Yoga is for everyone; some poses require modification and some poses are counterindicated for certain folk. Yoga is a practice, not a sport. Too often, people worry about form. Much of yoga is inward; the body reflects what is going on in the mind and where we need to heal. I could go on forever about this.

    If I could move to Virginia, I would. I love that state. If things go well this summer, I plan to go to Charlottesville with my son to go to Monticello. North Carolina isn't that far away. Maybe we could meet halfway or take a train to where you are. It isn't definite, but we can see.

  3. Just as I finished reading your reply, I got an email from the yoga place I visited offering a Fundamentals class. I will take your words to heart- and worry less about form and more about what's going on in my mind. I strongly feel this form of exercise and meditation is going to be important for me.
    As for Virginia, it is gorgeous. If you visit Monticello, let me know. We went as a family a few years ago and it was a wonderful trip. The land in NC is very similar, but no doubt Va is special.

  4. Enjoy your trip and your trip. Personally I prefer my VA a little further west but then it is still a less taxing place than PA.

  5. Wish you a peaceful vacation Susan. Enjoy!
    Though its tough to implement, I would suggest you to stay away from mobile too. :)

  6. WM: This is one taxing place, especially Philly. We keep the rest of the state in $.

    Hari: I don't have internet on my phone or music. The place wanted me to have a cell phone so that they could contact me. They only have wireless capability in a few parts of the ashram. Fine by moi. One day I plan to write a blog about the evils of technology, but I may be biting the hand that feeds.

    Cora: We may go this year, but it all depends on the Benjamins and my work schedule. It is fairly close, about 5 hours by train.

  7. I hope you have a good relaxing time!

  8. sounds like an amazing thing to do, can't wait to hear about it.

  9. I'm guessing (1) that you had a good time, (2) that you learned much about yoga, and (3) that if you can read this, then I've fixed the problem I have posting comments to your site.


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