Sunday, February 27, 2011

Boycott the Oscars

Yes, there are more important things to think about. I just am so steamed that Inception got so little respect from all the silly awards shows. That was a great movie. I'm all for Colin Firth to win the Oscar; he should have won for A Single Man last year. But no Leo nomination? No best director nod for C. Nolan? The last award Oscar got right was the Lifetime Achievement Award for Charlie Chaplin in the early 70s (and the two  awards for Godfather 1 and 2.) Why do people watch this stuff? It's boring. I don't give a rat's dropping about a bunch of vapid narcissists dressed in designer clothes, all botoxed out.. Do you?

                                             Go Leo!


  1. Yeah.
    Go leo.Inception is THE movie of last year and many years to come.Hats off to Nolan and Leo.

  2. I just watched the trailer for best foreing film Oscar winner "In a Better World".

  3. I still don't know who won, minus C. Bale for The Fighter. I hate the Oscars. They have nothing to do with excellence. Winter's Bone was another good film, but it was also based on a great book. Inception came from an original screenplay by Nolan. I teach Freud, so I can imagine how difficult it is to use his theory of dreams along with corporate dominance, redemption, catharsis--Nolan created a new jargon and his actors needed to sound like it all made sense. Not one actor messed up--not one. Nolan took an absolutely fantastic concept and made it believable. It is a rare film that refuses to dumb itself down and yet still remain popular. I asked all my students to choose the best film of 2010. Inception dominated, with The King's Speech and Black Swan coming in as distant seconds.

  4. "I hate the Oscars. They have nothing to do with excellence."
    Ditto Susan! I see this is true of most of the Hollywood machine. Actually, I fear excellence doesn't drive much of anything these days. However, when I see it I appreciate it. I've seen Inception at least 3 times and we bought the movie. I haven't watched the Oscars in at least 10 years and I never intend to watch them again. Maybe this year I'll watch Inception during the Oscar time slot :)

  5. Cora, wow! Gosh, we have to talk.

    I got the DVD/Blueray version of Inception. My son's computer has a blueray drive. We watched Inception on Saturday night--better than the movie theater. He is just as insane for Inception as I am: next time we watch, we are going to have the subtitles: we want to prove both interpretations of the ending.

    I still don't know who won anything--don't tell me--The King's Speech! I did like that movie, but it was the actors who made the movie--I hope Colin Firth won. Still, Leo should have been nominated for Inception or Shutter Island.

  6. I just looked. No surprises. Inception won the tech awards--that's good. Nolan deserved best screenplay, but what a shock--King's Speech again. I don't know what they have against him. I guess a movie can't be good if people actually want to see it.

  7. That was maybe the most irrevelvant boring Owscar Night ever. Bring back Dylan winning for "Things Have Changed" or Marlon Brando sending a rep to decline his Oscar ~~ anything!


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