Saturday, January 1, 2011

Get Ready. Here Comes Another Year!

I was not unhappy to see 2010 go the way of all things--in the past! But I have to be fair. Much good happened this year.  My blog exists because I want to get out of the darkness and closer to the light. I won't pretend to be an expert, but I believe many of us share that same wish.  So let's look at the darkness and light of 2010--some of these are personal, but others affect us all.

Darkness                                                                               Light

Unemployment is high, and it isn't getting better.     Some people discovered their bliss.

A few friends turned out to be vindictive assholes.  New friendships appeared; others remained.
 Stress-related illnesses increased exponentially.  Illness teaches us to improve our lives.

Young people are more narcissistic than ever.    They realize it, and want to change.

Attacks on Muslims in NY disgusted the world.          America is getting a clue.

Republicans used fear to win elections.            Dems are starting to get a clue.

Many Bible thumping Christians are filled with hate.  People still want God in their lives.

Young gays responded to harassment with suicide.    Homophobes are being "outed".

BP killed wildlife and polluted our oceans.    People want to decrease oil dependency.

Pop music is dreadful.                         Sade came out with a record. Lady Gaga exists.

More people than ever are suffering from depression.    The stigma is lessening.

24 was canceled.                                             We still have Glee and House.

 2011 will be pivotal for many people. The recession has taught us that some people will support you through difficulties; others only care about themselves. The facades of love are getting stripped away. We crave for something to believe--something that won't turn on us. If the search is genuine, then people will find what they need.

Here in America, we all need to grow up and get over our entitlement issues. We need to realize that we don't control reality; we aren't the boss of everyone else. Rome was much grander than the United States (okay, they didn't have nuclear weapons) ,and they went down after a thousand years. Sometimes darkness and despair are the only way to find the light. I know I'll be looking.


  1. Happy New Year to you too! I'm sorry your 2010 wasn't all it's cracked up to be - but 2011 is ours for the taking!

  2. Reminds me of a lot of things. But to keep this short and sweet, I admire your optimism

  3. X-Dell: I'm practicing. Maybe if we build it, they will come. But maybe it will be the same old shit. I really needed this year to end, but life is life.
    Roland: Welcome! From your mouth to God's ears.Somebody has to like this past year.

  4. Happy healthy 2011~~~~~ and good luck to all of us !!!

  5. Years became meaningless to me years ago. It's mostly hope that makes us look forward to a new one anyway. If we could but learn to compress that hope into each new day, then we would have something. Carpe Diem is something we should all live by.

    But, having said that... Happy New Year Susan. Follow your bliss.

  6. 2010 was a year of small things as my FB status said. Let's see if some thing really big and good happens to me in 11 or at least hope nothing really bad does.

    Happy 2011.

  7. i have to tell you, susan. i don't know many people who have liked this past year. but while visiting with friends yesterday, we decided perhaps we just needed to focus on the positive more ..

  8. Erik: Thanks so much and thanks for stopping by.

    SJ: I understand what you are saying. I'd put 2008 in that category, even though it greatly influenced my life this year. I just had a year of BIG THINGS--all frightening or just unbelievably cruel. By the same token, work is going very well, and I became part of a community that is so gracious and loving. I can't forget that.

    Foam: You know, I think I hear that every new years--I've probably said it as well. I have found that this millenium has been a huge pain in the ass with so many changes, so maybe I should say good riddance to the decade. For myself, I need to accept more and quit kicking against the pricks--that phrase is biblical, but I like the double entandre.

    Mr. C: And to you, my buddy. Was it last year that we found each other's blog? So that was a good thing!

  9. And so it was. Here's to the year ahead!

  10. Go towards the light!
    Thanks for introducing me to your swell blog.
    Day 2 of a new decade & so far, so good.
    Wishing you peace & prosperity in 2011.

  11. If anyone finds the light, it will be you dear person. May this year be the beginning of the light.

  12. JadedJ: Bless ya, laddie. You are so kind.

    Mr. C: Yeppers!

    Stephen: I'm following your blog--you are hysterical! Thanks for coming.

  13. year of the assholes is right..but I always have hope..

  14. It sure is. The assholes were in total control in 2010. We have to take back what is ours.

  15. first time reader. ;o) i like the way you write about light and darkness. i am in a difficult place and "moving toward the light" seems like what i need to do to figure it out. thanks!

  16. Thanks, Monica and welcome. I felt led to do this blog with an emphasis on reaching the light, awakening, enlightenment--that sort of thing. I too, am coming out of a difficult place--much of it is in the mind--how I perceive things, how I react, that sort of thing. I can be one of the most negative people you will ever find. But I want to stop that. I've been meditating more, using mantra so that my thoughts are literally pushed away by the mantra. But it can be anything--an affirmation, a name--something you want to cultivate in your life. It has helped me tremendously and I'm sure I will write more about it. Thanks so much for coming.

  17. Well, let me tell you. You're not alone in looking for that light out of the darkness. Just, would be nice if SOME of those in this world would quit blowing it out just as we seem to get close to it.

    Here's to 2011 being your best year ever!

  18. I'm telling you, Spongy--I had to think really hard for good things pertaining to last year! But often I find that later on, we only remember the good and distance ourselves from the bad. Whatever. I just don't want a repeat of 2010!


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