Tuesday, December 14, 2010

We Interrupt This Blog For a Special Report

My sweet lord! Cliff Lee signed with the Phillies! Someone pinch me. Wow, no one saw that coming. Cliff Lee does business just like he pitches: unpredictably. I'm so happy to share this city with the Zen Master of pitching.
 Hail Cliff Lee! We now have the best pitching staff in the major leagues. Go Phillies!

 This is an example of the Taoist path--nothing will ever phase you. My hero.


  1. I have that first picture as my desktop wallpaper. God bless Cliff Lee and the Phillies management.

  2. No way. He turned down money to be in Philly. He never wanted to leave. He likes the fans. He didn't like it when the New York Yankee fans spit on his wife. Now I'm not saying that Philly fans wouldn't do the same to opposition as drunken idiots are everywhere, but it sure doesn't make a player motivated to play in front of said fans.

  3. Go ahead. Rub it in. The Reds tried their hardest to get Lee last summer. Couldn't swing it.

  4. I was surprised that the Sox didn't try for him. I just assumed he would go to New York, even though I think it would have been a bad career move--look at Johnny Damon. Apparently Lee just loves Philly. Go figure.


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