Sunday, November 21, 2010

Some People

Some people are meant to be friends, but they become lovers. Then they become enemies.

Some people are meant to be lovers or strangers, but they become friends. After a while they become enemies.

Some people are meant to be strangers, but they cross a line, and they become enemies.

Some people are meant to observe boundaries, but they don't, and they end up knowing too much about each other. They use that information to hurt the other. And yes, they become enemies.

Some people use rhetoric like empathy and compassion, but they don't understand such big words.

Some people think that humans have dominion over every other living creature. Then they do their best to destroy them.

Some people use cruelty with words and deeds as survival techniques. Then they wonder why they are alone.

Some people hurt others because it's the only thing they know how to do.

Some people mistake obsession for love.

Some people watch pornography because they think it is about sex.

Some people will never find happiness  because they define it only in terms of their ego.

Some people think that they are going to heaven because they mouthed some words about Jesus Christ. Then they do nothing to emulate him. Therefore, they are not born-again--they just found a good hustle.
Some people believe they are entitled to everything life has to offer on this temporal plane: money, good job, gorgeous spouse, perfect kids, mammoth house, new cars. Then it just doesn't happen as they planned, and they become everyone's enemy.

Some people have absolutely no God belief. Often, these people are the most benevolent, because they are serious about life. They don't need a book or clergy to tell them what is right and what is wrong.

Some people think life is all about them. They fail to recognize the enormity of the universe and their relative insignificance within the structure of infinity.

Some people don't know how to love, but they sure know how to hate.

Some people are not grateful for the gift of life. Therefore, they put no value on the lives of others.

Some people live in fear. They love company. 

Some people use the person they love most of all as a human toilet.

Some people don't realize that apathy is a statement that reflects belief and action.

All people are capable of change. But only a few bother to try.


  1. (1) There's a certain poetry to this post.

    (2) "Some people think that humans have dominion over every other living creature. Then they do their best to destroy them."

    Correct me if I am wrong (for I'm too lazy to check), but doesn't God charge Adam with dominion of the flora and fauna in Genesis? Doesn't Adam exercise that dominion by naming the animals?

    I'm not thinking that religion is justification for entitlement in the cosmic scheme of things, but it does illustrate much as to why there is religion.

    (3) I can understand betrayal. It's one of those things that only a loved one can do. Everybody else doesn't get close enough to dig dirt. But honestly, I wouldn't know who is meant for whom, or in what capacity. My reckoning is that you know everyone you're suppose to know, and the way you interact depends on whatever negotiation you make.

    (4) Actually, I think pornography is popular because people think it's about intimacy.

    (5) Ah, entitlement. I knew a writer, who wound up creating a hit television show. Once he got his money, he tracked down this woman he met in college, whom he liked, but who didn't take notice of him. He found out that she had married, bore kids. And even though he knew her twenty years ago, he got it into his head to try to seduce her away from her husband, family, job, and everything else by using the hit tv show as a ruse (he would say that he was researching something that had to do with her work, and volunteer to fly her to New York and put her up in a fancy hotel--the works).

    I don't think he even wanted her. He just felt entitled to exercise the power that supposedly comes with success. I think you're right in that some people see them so much larger in the grand scheme of things than they actually are. Thus, they figure if they're good, everybody else is good (classic externalization).

  2. I came up with this post when I went to see A Fistful of Mercy last Saturday. It just came into my head. Maybe it was because Dhani Harrison, Joseph Arthur and Ben Harper harmonized perfectly that I began to see a relationship between what some do and others don't. Most likely, it is a reaction to last week--very emotional and I'm torn between anger and despair. X-Dell: you know about one of the situations.

    I'm mad because some people are just so full of shit and they pretend to be better than they actually are. Normally, I would just look away, but in all 3 situations, each individual claimed one thing and ended up doing something else--very hurtful. I think House is right when he says everyone lies. Most of all, we lie to ourselves. In all 3 cases, I knew what I was dealing with, but I thought things could improve. Silly me.

  3. Some people sum people --
    counting cold cash and
    connection in false worth.

  4. Alex--after I wrote this post, I realized how much I had left out. This could become a type of community poetry. I wish you a wonderful holiday.

  5. some people mean to be enigma to themselves, and wrap themselves in analgesic activity to aide that mean-ness while hiding it. as if they are their own enemy.

    some people are meant to be searchers of truths they no longer trust to find within. after a while, the marshaling of forces only to have them retreat is the field's enemizing of itself, almost an allergenic response.

    some people are not meant to be enemies, no matter how hard the choice is. they have begun to give acceptance and freedom to those who, unmeant, can only see to take.

    some people hold coals against a dark night
    to bring forward one heart's heat, to light
    a fire where one may in recognition's sight
    expand one flame to full radiance in flight

    susan, you are right. you did leave a lot out : )



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